Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Simple Things....Backyard Fun!

It has been terribly long since I have posted and for that I apologize.  I have been so busy with schoolwork and toddlers I babysit as well as a few other things I am trying to take care of (not to mention being a wife and keeping the house)!  Organization has been a big thing...I reached one of those points where the 'stuff' was really frustrating me - I'm sure you know how things tend to pile up and then it seems like every free space in your home is crammed with more than it should be. 

We have been cruising along with My Fathers' World 1st & CTG and I'll try to be better about getting some pics and posting more on what we are doing...I think posting something every week on my curriculum is unrealistic for me.  (Lately - posting every week has been unrealistic!) 

What I wanted to post today is really simply the best toy every invented.  Before I show you, let me begin with a few statements that many of you can probably relate to.  Things have been so rocky financially lately...raises weren't given for my husband again this year and I find myself cutting everywhere I can to make ends meet in this trying economy.  The kids have been fine with birthdays trimmed back even further and of course we told them Christmas will be even smaller this year.  Funny thing is that they really haven't complained - they really seem more content with less.  Not that they really have less with 4 older siblings...anything they want has been handed down and that includes plenty of great Legos, blocks, and PC or video games and board and games are in plentiful supply...too plentiful, thus the need for me to really spend time cleaning the past few weeks!  However - in spite of all they stuff they have to do when our schoolwork is finished the funny thing is that the toys they enjoy the most came from my husbands work and they were free!  I have most of the neighborhood playing with these new 'toys' every afternoon!  Take a look...

He brought home these wonderful plastic barrels...lightweight enough that two 10 year old boys can hurl them over the fence and display their machuvism...but sturdy enough to be walked on, ridden on, and rolled over!  They line them in rows and try to walk on them or the they each take a barrel and try to walk independently to see who can stay on the longest.  I can not believe the countless hours they have played with these barrels, sometimes well after dark.  It's amazing that  many times the funnest things in life are free!