Wednesday, February 1, 2012 January?!

What a crazy winter it has been.  After a dreadfully hot summer, and an awful drought; winter has been so mild.  Yesterday was gorgeous, made me think of springtime.  Each evening when I walk outside there is a chorus of frogs everywhere.  Yesterday, while we worked in our school room, we were given a concert from a song bird perched in the tree next to the window.  It was so beautiful.  And yesterday evening, while I prepared dinner, the kids went with dad to walk the dogs.  As they came to the creek they found the most beautiful blooms!  Who would have thought these would be blooming in January?  Though my cell phone does them absolutely no justice, these truly are delicate, pretty blooms.  I can't help but take a moment to think of artist, that is our God!

I have no idea if winter has finished with Texas yet or not, but for now it sure feels like spring.