My little artist:
Bible, phonics, reading, math, science - My Father's World First Grade
Includes:  Usborne: Things Outdoors, Science with Plants, Science with Water,  Plus: The Complete Book of Math, Drawing with Children, Come Look With Me: Enjoying Art with Children, Come Look With Me: Enjoying Landscapes with Children, Dover Coloring Book Musical Instruments, plus a Peter and the Wolf / Carnival of the Animals CD, Pattern Animals book and Wooden Pattern Blocks

My little historian:
Bible, history, science, art, music - My Father's World Creation to the Greeks
Includes:  Victor Journey through the Bible, Streams of Civilization, Ancient World, Celebrating Biblical Feasts, Ancient Egypt, Aesop's Fables for Children, The Trojan Horse, The Children's Homer, Genesis for Kids, English from the Roots Up, Dinosaurs of Eden, Pyramids, Archimedes and the Door of Science... I will also be using God and the History of Art, Patricia St. John books: The Tanglewood's Secret, Star of Light, and Treasures of the Snow, and a six CD set that introduces Vivaldi, Bach and Handel...but I'm still saving for these last items so they aren't pictured yet!!

We will be using the following recommendations from My Father's World for Math, English, Spelling, and Writing  - Singapore Math: Primary Mathematics, Intermediate Language Lessons, Spelling Power, Writing Strands Level 4

I have also found some fun extras...these are shown below:

The True Story of Noah's Are, The Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World, and the Reader's Digest North American Wildlife Illustrated Guide

Victory on the Walls: A Story of Nehemiah, Tut's Mummy: Lost...and Found, Landmark: The Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt, Celebrate Stories of the Jewish Holiday, A Visual Guide to Bible Events, and this GREAT study bible: ESV Study Bible

I am really excited about this coming year!

My little artist: 
Bible, phonics & reading, math, science - My Father's World Kindergarten
Enjoyed read-alouds from MFW ECC with her big brother

My little historian: 
Bible, history, science, art, music - My Father's World Exploring Countries & Cultures
(Hero Tales, Window on the World, God Speaks Numanggang, Illustrated World Atlas, Classroom Atlas, Maps and Globes, Geography from A-Z, A Trip Around the World, Another Trip Around the World, Properties of Ecosystems, Living World Encyclopedia, Global Art, Wee Sing Around the World)
Language arts - Intermediate Language Lessons, by Emma Serl
Spelling Power
Writing Strands, Level 3
Math - Singapore Math, Primary Mathematics

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