Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My afternoon coffee break (without breaking the bank)!!

I don't know if you are like me...but meeting a friend for a yummy coffee treat at the local coffeehouse is truly a luxury!  I love to do it....but sometimes with a house full of kids and a purse not so full of money it's just not something I can do everyday!!

So....my solution is simple!  I love to mix up my own version of iced or hot coffee.  I preserve a precious few minutes in the afternoon, right before I start preparing dinner and keep the kids busy with something (usually I send them to do their chores at this time)!

In the summer I make a little extra coffee in the morning to use for iced coffee later, in the winter I prefer to have it hot.  Flavors are what makes it fun and a treat.  Sometimes I put about one half teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract into the carafe before I brew the coffee.  I use different things to flavor my coffee to keep it interesting...turbinado sugar, brown sugar, granulated sugar, chocolate syrup (I like to make my own sometimes too) honey, a dash of cinnamon, half and half, sometimes even condensed milk if I make a chicory style coffee!  My favorite is just a little chocolate syrup and half and half.  You can play with flavors and find what you like best.  Stir it up - add some ice for iced coffee (or blend it for a blended iced coffee if that's your preference) and enjoy a few minutes with a good book before you move on into your evening.

Espresso yourself!!

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