Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun day at the DMA!

We had such a great day yesterday at the Dallas Museum of Art.  They held 'Free First Tuesdays' this summer and we had not been in a while so we went to check it out.  I absolutely love that museum; and it is such a great way to enjoy a hot, summer day.  I took a few pics...though not nearly enough to really capture some of the cool things you find there...but I just thought I'd share!

They loved making fans for the "Beat the Heat" theme!

We really enjoyed the fourth floor exhibit...they have a collection of beautiful antiques donated by Wendy and Emery Reves.  Such a step back in time to see the library, salon, bedroom and dining room as you stroll through rooms  that look like they just beg for the butler to be called in to bring a tray of tea and crumpets! 

We also enjoyed some very cool historical art.  My son LOVES American History - and what boy doesn't love the Samurai?

My daughter adored a completely silver vanity - and what little girl wouldn't love to lounge on a panda papasan?

Having studied Mexico and South America this past year as we covered the globe when we studied countries and cultures in My Father's World ECC...both of my kids enjoyed some of the art from Mexico:

Mexico - Monkey Bowl
State of Oaxaca, Zapotec Culture, 400-100 B.C.

Mexico - Aztec
Snake, 1200 - 1521 A.D.

If you haven't been in awhile or if you ever visit the Dallas's a wonderful place for a sketchbook and watch the creativity be ignited in your child.  They also have some cool activities in their children's area.  I wish I had more pics of the very cool exhibits there!  I had taken two extra kids, inlcuding my friend's toddler I was watching - so my hands were pretty full.  We also saw a wonderful marionette show in Horchow Auditorium - they did Hansel and Gretel - it was very enjoyable.  Even the 16 month old in my lap clapped through the show several times!!

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