Friday, August 19, 2011

What a sweet problem!

We have new residents in our backyard...they have been discovered under our playground set my hubby recently added onto for the kids.  Take a look at our precious new find!

Tiny hole with baby bunnies!

A tiny little hole, covered with grass containing 4 sweet baby bunnies!  They are adorable; my children are so excited.  So why did I call this a sweet "problem"? my other resident who usually spends his days in our backyard - and only his nights in our laundry rooom...Diesel!

Diesel peering out through the fence.

Diesel enjoying his ears being scratched!

Diesel is a very active pup who adopted us several months ago.  I had just put him out on Wednesday morning and was brushing my teeth when I heard him barking very excitedly.  My bathroom sink has the window right over it and a perfect view of the backyard, so I could see he was very animated over something under the playground 'hide-out' room my hubby recently completed.  Fearing another skunk was in the backyard and would fragrance our excited pup, I walked out to see what he'd found...very carefully.  As I approached he became even more excited as tiny, little, brown, creatures started hopping up and pushing up on the grass covering a bit.  At this point - he moved from the slatted side of the 'hide-out' to the open end and charged in after them...but I grabbed him in time.  He really was about to have his second breakfast.  I put him inside and went back to assess the situation.  First I will show you the playground...this is the slatted side peering into the tiny rabbit nest:

The nest is behind the slats (right under the slides)

This is the opening - clearly making it impossible for us to protect the tiny bunnies:

The opening allows the children - and Diesel - easy access to the hide-out!

And now - poor Diesel has limited reign of our backyard - he has to be taken out on a leash.  I am terribly sorry for him, but I don't have the heart to move the bunnies...the mother's pink eyes can be seen at night if we shine the flashlight out the window.  She arrives after dark to take care of her babies and leaves before dawn.  I'm afraid she wouldn't find them if we move them.  And with all the coyotes around our backyard - they wouldn't have much of a chance outside the fence anyways!

One of the tiny little rabbits; though not the best pic.  Their ears are still laid back on their heads and eyes are just beginning to open - but are still usually closed.

So...for now - poor Diesel...but look at these precious, tiny babies!

Just thought I'd just isn't everyday we find these little things - we usually find them somewhere outside the fence and often they are taken by wild animals so they don't make it.  Hopefully they'll be ready to move out soon so Diesel can have his daytime home back!!

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