Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bunny sighting!!! Update on our wild baby bunnies!

I am so behind on posting.  We have been really busy with school work & just life in general!  Also - we are SO thankful for the rain...but since I haven't got extra cash to buy a surge protector I don't keep my router or computer plugged in...so when there is lightening around - I don't get on the computer at all!  I have a wonderful practical tip I'm going to share soon - so check back in a day or two!  But for now - I wanted to share our exciting news about our bunny sighting!

About two weeks after we discovered the baby bunnies - it became necessary to coax them to relocate.  Our dog was literally getting sick from being indoors too much.  He did not want to "go" on a leash and ended up with a kidney infection!  I would never have known that could have happened.  We were getting him out every day to run around freely in the evenings (off-leash) - but it wasn't what he was used to - so he would wait too long despite frequent trips outside on the leash in the daytime.  We had spotted the mother bunny under a nearby shed and kept hoping she'd move the babies there where they would be safe from Diesel!  Then - one bunny vanished.  We could not find him anywhere, but judging from how well the other three were jumping about - we thought they were gaining independence.  We waited till late in the evening - when the mother would usually be getting ready to come feed them - placed them into a box and carried them over to the shed and let them go.  We found a spot to hide nearby and were so thankful that they found their way to her.  We often wondered about the fourth bunny.  We've spotted the other three several times and the mother, but not the missing one...until yesterday!

The little girl I babysit, and my little artist, came running into the house breathlessly!  In a woodpile by the fence, not far from the playground where they were once nested, they spotted him.  He was almost doubled in size and very cute.  I went to see - and sure enough - it looks just like the missing bunny.  He looks well and healthy - and even briefly hopped out from under the wood to see us!  We left him as he seems to be doing well.  We were very thankful that it appears all four bunnies are safe.  And our dog is now doing much better too!  We repaired a larger yard that we had used in the past giving him a wonderful yard and shelter so he can have more room to play! 

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