Sunday, September 4, 2011

The heart of a child... Moments from MFW 8/30-9/2/11

This week...I just want to share a wonderful moment that happened while we studied "The Victor Journey Through the Bible".  We were reading on page 12, "The Fall", about Genesis chapter 3.  This is the story of the original sin of Adam & Eve and how they were cast out of Eden and a Cherubim, with a flaming sword, placed to guard the entrance to forbid entrance from that point forward.  We read a passage as follows:

"No trace of the beautiful garden has been found and some think that it withered and died when God expelled Adam and Eve.  Others believe it was destroyed by the great Flood in the days of Noah.  Some think it still exists."

Those words lingered in the mind of my historian.  After we finished reading the section he pondered.."What if the garden really does still exist?  What if we are blinded by our own sin and our sin does not permit us to see the garden?  What if the cherubim still guards the entrance but no person can see any of this because of our flesh and sin?"

He thought about this a moment longer, as did I, savoring the moment where his heart gave me a thought that I had never imagined on my own.  I began to wonder myself...what a thought.  How wonderful to imagine that, with God, this is actually possible.  And what an amazing thing to think of that beautiful garden still there.  Maybe God still walks in it during the cool of the day.  I was really enjoying that moment when he offered one final thought...that is really very much a thought that I could see him having next!  He then wondered aloud, "And what if there are still dinosaurs roaming the garden?"

Wow - what a blessing to be home with my children to capture these amazing moments where their innocent minds and childlike hearts think thoughts that our reality hardened hearts don't dare remember as easily!


  1. It is a joy to teach our kids... a freedom we need to treasure!

  2. What a great moment you shared together, and what a beautiful thought... Thanks for linking up and sharing!